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A seemingly lone survivor of a plane crash meets a wild woman in the Australian wilderness when he is thrust against a familiar demonic bearing that haunts his refuge.

Director : Tristan Barr

Writer : Tristan Barr

Producers : David Gim & Tristan Barr

Status : Script

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When a shy Korean teenager is shipped off to a hostile Australian town without explanation, he seeks escape via a job as a farm labourer. But when things turn nasty between his new workmates and the grieving widow who owns the farm, he's faced with the hardest decision of his life.

Director : -

Writer : Chris Pahlow & Sam Bliss & david gim

Producers : David Gim & Tristan Barr

Status : Treatment



black comedy / drama

Australia’s first female truck driver was a woman capable of the toughest stuff in the roughest country, able to outwork the men while still being a true lady with a heart of gold.

director : -

writer : -

producers : tristan barr & david gim

status : treatment



Sci-fi/ Thriller

A loner man and a telepathic woman rally together out of necessity in a post-apocalyptic World, searching for a new beginning.

Director : Tristan barr

Writer : Tristan barr

Producers : Tristan Barr & david Gim

Status: Script


The Curse of Ebony Marshall

Thriller/ Horror

Based on the bestselling novel -

After a string of unrelated deaths in a small Australian town a teenage girl is hunted down by a discreet religious group who believe she is possessed by a demon. Ebony must prove her innocence before they take the matter into their own hands.

Writer : fleur ferris & Robert Caccaviello

Status : script

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documentary (series)

Josh Wade’s UnADULTerated is a Interview style factual series, in which the young outspoken Josh gives viewers the chance to get brief glimpses into the worlds of individuals and groups that often sensationalised as a statistic. Josh is yet to meet these people but experiences the journey of there story as he interviews. In most cases this means interviewing people with extreme backgrounds or experiences, or just generally belonging to subcultures not known to exist by most or just frowned upon.

creator: Josh wade

Director : connor fairclough

Writer : josh wade & connor fair clough

Producers : tristan barr & david gim

Status: pilot shot