8 years after their daughter disappears, a married couple live in turmoil until they discover a wounded girl on their farm.


Continuance Pictures presents Robert Caccaviello’s Debut Film.

Continuance Pictures presents Robert Caccaviello’s Debut Film.


Thriller / drama


short film

release date : early 2019


It all started when…

8 years after the mysterious disappearance of 9 year old Erica Foulton an injured girl, of about 18 years of age, appears on the estranged parents farm. Both Wendy, a numb wife, and Daniel, an ashamed husband who share a destructive relationship due to their prolonged episode of loss are ecstatic to be reunited with Erica.

Due to the girls head injury and subsequent amnesia Daniel is quick to believe beyond reasonable doubt of Erica’s identity. Whilst Daniel longs to be a happy family once again, Wendy is hesitant, wanting to go get her checked.

Out of desperation and an opportunity to redeem himself, Daniel takes control forcing his optimism onto his wife.

It becomes clear to Wendy after internally battling a feeling that the girl in fact isn’t Erica, which is confirmed by the girl as she starts to remember her history in their private conversation. The air around the family shifts into a dark and uncomfortable atmosphere which threatens their safety.

In a climatic escape Wendy becomes a mother for the first time in 8 years as save fight to save themselves from the despair that consumes Daniel.


Written & directed &

produced by :

Robert Caccaviello

Producer :

Tristan Barr

Associate producer :

David Gim

director of photography:

Damien Lipp

Production Designer:

Jacqueline Erbel

Graphic design : 

Kal Glavinov